Automatic rolling-up machines

GER Elettronica leather rollers optimize the hides packaging process: when integrated with the measuring machine, they allow for area measurement and hides rolling in a single automated operation.

Leather rolling

At the end of tanning and finishing processes, leather batches are rolled into coils for ease of storage, transportation and sale. Leather rolling is, therefore, a crucial phase in concluding the hides production process.

The leather rolling process requires extreme care and equipment suitable for the task, in order to avoid creating folds or deformations on the treated hides that could irreparably compromise the quality of entire batches.

GER Elettronica machinery

Today, it is possible to opt for automated solutions for leather rolling, saving time and effort compared to manual operation, while reducing the margin of error and loss of efficiency.

GER Elettronica roller machines for leathers guarantee tanneries maximum precision and speed in the rolling phase. The processing can be easily adapted to different types of leathers, greatly improving the quality and reducing the labor.

Do you want to increase the value of your product, improving the quality of the results and the sustainability of the tanning production processes?