The wide range of GER Elettronica solutions dedicated to forming bundles and rolling hides and skins allows for significant time savings, as well as improved warehouse management based on traceability technologies.

What is leather packing

Leather packing, or leather rolling, is a crucial phase for the protection and shipment of finished hides and skins that occurs once the previous tannery processing stages are completed.

Performing the process manually can be costly in terms of time, effort and packaging operations: maintaining order in the warehouse, quickly identifying and handling packages, ensuring product traceability without errors can be a considerable challenge for tanneries.

GER Elettronica machinery

Automating the packing of hides and skins provides valuable support for the efficiency and performance of the logistics inside the tannery, increasing the quality of processes in one of the most critical stages of the leather production flow.

GER Elettronica’s automated solutions for leather packing allow for easy and fast measuring, rolling and packaging of whole batches of various hides and skins, switfly identifying the characteristics of each pack, resulting in a significant saving of time and costs.

Do you want to increase the value of your product, improving the quality of the results and the sustainability of the tanning production processes?