Measuring systems

The electronic measuring systems for the leather area offered by GER Elettronica provide maximum efficiency, speed and precision, in compliance with international regulations, to meet the numerous needs of a modern tannery.

Leather measurement machines

During the processing of different types of leather, from wet blue/white to crust, it is essential to implement highly precise and reliable hides measurement systems.

This phase of work is not without its challenges: variations in thickness, compactness and uniformity can affect the quality of the final product. For a tannery, it is therefore essential to ensure the most accurate and reproducible leather measurements, in order to optimize yield and reduce waste.

GER Elettronica solutions

GER Elettronica measuring machines provide a concrete solution to the challenges of leather measurement: innovative precision technologies allow tanneries to constantly monitor the quality and exact dimensions of the leather batches.

Our measurement systems are designed to adapt to the needs of every tannery, ensuring high reliability and durability over time, with the aim of improving overall efficiency and reducing leather processing costs.

Do you want to increase the value of your product, improving the quality of the results and the sustainability of the tanning production processes?