GER Elettronica solutions for measuring and checking hides softened by staking make it possible to quantify the yield obtained following the processing in horizontal, vertical, rotary or vibrating staking machines.

What is staking

Staking is a tanning process that involves softening the hides after the drying treatment. The machinery dedicated to this operation is the staking machine for tanneries, typically composed by a series of rollers equipped with toothed blades.

The staking machine is designed to obtain the mechanical stretching of the leather: the pressure exerted by the machine is able to relax and stretch the fibrous structure of the hides and skins, in order to improve elasticity and softness.

GER Elettronica systems

If carried out correctly, the staking process significantly improves the quality of the hides: however, the incorrect use of the staking machine or the excessive repetition of the process risks compromising the thickness and surface of the product.

GER Elettronica machines for measuring and controlling leathers in the staking phase allow tanneries to check the quality of the treated leathers at the end of this operation, investigating any defects and preventing potential errors.

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