Lime splitting

GER Elettronica systems for the control of lime split hides can collect valuable data on the quality of the lime splitting process: thickness detection allows for precise and consistent layers of both full-grain and crust leather.

What is splitting in lime

Lime splitting is the tanning process used to divide leather into two layers, full-grain and crust, obtaining high-quality raw hides with different thicknesses for the production of various leather articles.

The lime splitting process is carried out through a specialized machine equipped with circular blades to evenly divide the hides. The upper part is full-grain leather, known for its softness and durability, while the lower part is crust leather, used for more affordable leather products.

GER Elettronica solutions

Lime splitting machines, typically designed for operations on large-sized hides, require a high micrometric precision in order to accurately define the cutting thickness of the treated hides.

GER Elettronica machinery for quality control of lime splitting machines allows for maximum precision and consistency in the thickness of the two leather layers, contributing to maintaining high-quality standards in hides processing and in leather article production.

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