By applying GER Elettronica’s systems for area measuring of leathers before and after ironing, it’s possible to obtain valuable data regarding this finishing phase, to evaluate in detail the surface yield of the treated leathers.

What is leather ironing

Leather ironing is a tanning phase with various purposes: it is used in order to remove wrinkles, impart greater softness and flexibility, and also to increase the surface area of the treated leathers.

The pressure and heat applied by the ironing machines in this stage result in an increase in the area of the leathers compared to their raw state. Appropriate process control is very important to avoid excessive sagging of the leathers or breaking of the fibers.

GER Elettronica machines

When properly monitored, the leather ironing process leads to an increased yield and productivity, thus improving the subsequent processing stages within the tannery’s work.

GER Elettronica solutions for measuring the area of leathers during the ironing phase allow for precise, detailed assessments of the quality and surface area of the ironed leathers, optimizing the area yield of the processed batches and improving production.

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