Systems for measuring the area of wet blue hides

The measuring machines for wet blue leathers designed by GER Elettronica are designed for the measurement and control of leathers in the wet phase, ensuring total compliance with the required standards of the leather manufacturing process.

Measurement of wet blue hides

Wet blue or wet white hides are the product resulting from the tanning of animal hides, which can be carried out with chrome or with other tanning agents (tannins, minerals and many more).

Accurate measurement of wet blue hides is critical for determining the yield of the tanning process. By detecting weight and dimensions before and after tanning, it is possible to estimate the effective quantity of leather produced, and to intervene in the tanning process if waste is excessive.

GER Elettronica machinery

As it is a very common raw material used for a wide range of items, wet blue leather measuring is a crucial step to ensure the quality and quantity of leather production throughout the entire process.

GER Elettronica measuring machines for wet blue and wet white leathers are able to precisely examine the quality of the hides in terms of size, thickness and weight, in order to minimize the losses of material and maximize the area yield obtained in the production process.

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