traceability within the tanning process

Be.Trace is a modular system that allows you to trace the “history” of the single leather along the entire path of the supply chain.

Ethical and industrial traceability

Ethical traceability

Traceability that allows you to link the single leather sold to a customer to the origin of the animal from which the skin itself derives. Normally required by certification bodies and is the simplest form of traceability.

Industrial traceability

An approach that sees the system grow over time that enters deeply into the manufacturing process, allows you to search for any problems and allows continuous improvement to reduce waste.

Why choose Be.trace?

It adapts to the different needs of the customer both in terms of marking methodology and in terms of recognition methodology and, allows you to quickly convert the tracking from one to the other technology, maintaining the continuity of the “product history”

Allows you to integrate any partial traceability solutions previously implemented by the customer in some phases

Easily connectable to the management programs in which the single passages are recorded and, at the same time, it can be integrated into the software to view how the processing phases have affected the single skin, as well as the entire batch at which one belongs.

Do you want to increase the value of your product, improving the quality of the results and the sustainability of the tanning production processes?