Systems for measuring the area of ​​crust/finished leathers

GER Elettronica measuring machines for crust or finished leather allow the measurement of any type of hides and skins, even in confined spaces, ensuring high detection accuracy and maximum productivity.

Measurement of finished leather

If finished leathers have been completely treated in all the processing phases, crust leathers are semi-finished and not fully treated: however, both hides can be marketed for final producers and effectively be used for manufacturing leather goods.

The measurement of finished or crust leathers takes place in the final processing stages, and it is necessary both to evaluate the overall uniformity for subsequent productions, and to determine the correct selling price of both leathers.

GER Elettronica machinery

Producers of finished or crust leather items must be certain that the batches used for production comply with the best qualitative and quantitative standards.

With the aim of improving the production process in tanneries, GER Elettronica measuring machines for crust and finished leathers ensure maximum precision in detecting parameters such as thickness, size, colour, weight, size and surface, classifying crust or finished leathers on the basis of each usage.

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