Buffing process

GER Elettronica systems for measuring the leather surface after grinding and polishing allow for effective control and careful evaluation of the hides area, reducing potential waste and optimizing the production process.

What is buffing

Leather buffing, polishing or grinding, is one of the final processes before hides finishing and is used to create a soft or velvety surface on the leather.

Within the leather buffing machine, hides undergo a gentle abrasion through circular rollers to delicately remove the outermost surface layer, leaving a softer finish to the touch. Leather polishing is among the most delicate phases of the tanning process since it directly impacts the appearance of the hides.

GER Elettronica machines

Buffed leather typically has an elegant finish and is often used in the fashion industry, posing an additional challenge for manufacturers who must effectively manage this complex phase of work.

GER Elettronica solutions for the leather grinding phase allow for a detailed and continuous monitoring of the surface area of the hides being polished, promptly identifying any defects and accurately tracking each production batch.

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