Wet blue leather splitting

GER Elettronica solutions dedicated to the wet blue leather splitting phase enable the reliable and precise detection of the physical parameters of individual batches, facilitating quality control and waste management.

What is WB leather splitting

The splitting of leathers after tanning allows for the production of two layers from wet blue leather, which has been chrome-tanned but has not yet undergone the complete finishing process.

The splitting process involves the use of a leather splitting machine that cuts the wet blue hides in half, separating it into two layers: an upper layer (“full-grain”) of better quality with fewer imperfections, and a lower layer (“crust”) that is more irregular, with a more raw fibrous surface.

GER Elettronica systems

The splitting phase presents challenges including variable yield in terms of quality and thickness of the layers, the difficulty of calibrating and maintaining splitting machines, and waste management.

GER Elettronica machines for quality control of wet blue leather splitting are capable of accurately detecting parameters such as size, quality, thickness and weight of production batches, allowing for a more efficient control of the hides destined to the splitting process.

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