Roll Pack

Automatic rolling machine for rolling up leather packs

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Leather Goods

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Ultra-fast automatic rolling and tying system

The Roll Pack bundle wrapper not only rolls up the bundle, but also completes the roll with the binding obtained with stretch film.
The machine mainly consists of a loading conveyor and the bundles are rolled up by a series of rollers at synchronised speed.

A special working system allows the skins to slide between each other, avoiding the formation of creases between the skins inside the roll during the rolling up phase. Thanks to this system, combined with the selection of working parameters, it is possible to roll up both skins that are very slippery with each other and skins that are not.

Operational functions

  • Rolling of hides and skins such as: half-calf, whole calves, sheep, pigs, kangaroos, crusts, nubuck, varnished, greased, etc.
  • Adaptation to the type of leather to be rolled up with a single command
  • Improved roll quality compared to manual rolling of skins
  • Maintaining roll quality during all working hours
  • Measuring and rolling skins in the same work step and without reducing the measuring rate


  • Reduced manual measuring and rolling time, resulting in labour savings
  • Reduction of space in the tannery dedicated to measuring and rolling
  • Typical production in 8 hours: 70 000 ft2 with skins of 11-12 ft2 each / 100 000 ft2 with skins of 18-22 ft2 each


  • Working width: 1600-1800 mm
  • Maximum roll size: 200 mm
  • Horizontal dimensions: 2600mm x 5200mm
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