Data and traceability

Data and their analyses will in the short future be the lifeblood of companies in step with innovation.

Our goal is to find solutions for tomorrow’s needs today by designing machines capable of communicating with each other and with operators and generating information as well as products.

Welcome to the data era

Understanding information means building a concrete base from which to take conscious decisions. To enter the future of your tannery thanks to data, GER has developed a concept that carries out the analysis of the phases of the process thanks to Be.Process e it tracks the progress of each individual hide with the use of Be.Trace.


Discover I.Data, the software capable of providing real-time analysis of the data collected by all GER Elettronica tools positioned throughout the tannery process.

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Do you want to increase the value of your product, improving the quality of the results and the sustainability of the tanning production processes?