The universal system for coating line efficiency

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The economiser with the highest spraying precision on the market

i.control is a technology that significantly eliminates waste and allows for controlled painting at very high definition (5mm) with the possibility of measuring the area of the skins being processed with high precision.
It can work with all types of guns and for all applications: automotive, furniture, footwear, leather goods and more.

Operational functions

  • Millimetric spraying control
  • Independent paint control on all 4 sides of the leather
  • Spraying with effects and staining
  • High precision surface measurement of sprayed skins
  • Counting the number of skins sprayed
  • Work time management and storage
  • Automatic carousel/carpet speed control
  • Automatic gun-raising control


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Interfacing with the company’s management system
    OPCUA Interface
  • Remote consultation of processing data

Accessories and related produtcs

  • Weighing device for chemical consumption control
  • iris for inline colour quality control
  • i.gun for gun flame control
  • External displays


  • 30% is the average chemical saving declared by our customers
  • Reduces overspray with less cleaning and maintenance of the cabin
  • Improves paint quality
  • Sustainable technology
  • Remote Assistance
  • Universal for all cabin geometries
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