Gun control system during spraying

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Zero errors with i.gun

I.gun detects any error in the flame spray cone of any gun inside a spray booth. It is a system consisting of a custom-built camera for clear frames and image analysis software

Thanks to i.gun, the operator of a spray line in the event of a fault immediately knows which gun is faulty and sees the still image of the problem, being able to choose the most appropriate solution. all without downtime, wasted time and loss of production.

This continuous monitoring of the line’s operation also makes it possible to prove that each hide in the batch has received the identical treatment. i.gun, therefore, makes it possible to certify the quality of the spraying process.

Operational Functions

  • Identification of defective spray guns
  • Analysis of colour homogeneity on the skin
  • Integration with the be.spray system


  • Real-time control of gun operation
  • No need to stop the machine
  • Data updated and available in real time
  • Improving the painting quality of hides
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