Integrated System for the Measurement and Management of Wet Blue Skins

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Measurement system for Wet Blue stage

Bluescan is the measurement system designed to detect physical parameters of the individual skins at the Wet Blue stage, reliably and accurately. The recovery and the processing of the collected data becomes a unique tanning management tool
of its kind. Electronic classification and sorting offers advantages determined economics at the tannery.

Bluescan has been specially designed to complement the perfection in existing production lines thus ensuring maximum adaptability and increased production efficiency.

Operational Functions

Classification of skins by:

  • size, quality, thickness, weight

Pallet management:

  • addressing skins
    on the destination pallets (also mixed combination;


  • Bluescan can be updated through the Internet
    easily integrated with systems
    existing in your production line


  • Integrated system for measuring and
    Wet Blue skin management completely customisable
  • Directly programmable from the keyboard for printing measurement and identification data on the skin


  • Made of solid sheet steel with
    special double coating treatment
    epoxy for maximum resistance even
    under the most critical operating conditions


  • High measurement accuracy

Accessories and related products

It divides the skin into two halves

Perforation Stamp:
Pneumatically operated allows alphanumeric printing up to 6

Thermostamping stamper:
with meat side stamping
with flower side stamping

Detaching roller:
To detach the skins from the press felt and deposit them on the Bluescan mat

Herringbone bench:
For introducing hides before pressing

Introduction bench with curved top:
for introducing hides before pressing

automatic thickness measurement
label printer with barcode
push-button panels pb1-pb2 for laclassification


  • Warehouse management and purchases
  • Optimising resources
  • Production control
  • Processing control


  • ‚Äč1600 mm
  • 2100 mm
  • 3000 mm
  • 3200 mm
  • 3400 mm
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