Set Spectra

Electronic reflection area measuring set for wet blue skins

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Set Spectra
Set Spectra
Set Spectra
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Pressing and surface measurement in one work step

The sh300 spectra set is the set of all hardware and software parts required to adapt a machine for precision measurement of the area of semi-finished skins at the wet/blue stage.

Operational Functions

  • Measurement:
  • Infrared photo-element measuring system
  • Reflection reading bar model Spectra, anti-reflection, colour-contrast, installed on an anodised aluminium tubular profile, protection class IP65.

Easy mode:

  • Ensures quick access to all essential functions Icon-based software
  • Simple and intuitive menu navigation.


  • Touch screen
  • Remote Assistance
  • Connectivity
  • Interface directly with the company’s management system


  • Print measurement data T1 (pallet), T2 (batch), T3 (daily) -T4.


  • Pressing and measuring in a single operation
  • Less time, less staff, more savings


  • ‚Äč3000 mm
  • 3200 mm
  • 3400 mm
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