Integrated surface measuring, bundling and automatic rolling line

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Three in one: area measurement, bundle formation and hide rolling in one operation

Trilogy is an integrated measuring, bundling and automatic rolling line, consisting of an electronic surface measuring machine for finished leathers, complete with several components such as:

  • Microprocessor control computer
  • Alphanumeric printer
  • Thermo printer stamper Zip version with dual head
  • Electronic speed variator
  • Bundle preparer model Kompact/R, consisting of a set of belt conveyors, driven by inverter and controlled by SH300 programmable logic, to form the bundle of hides according to pre-set recipes, to feed the reel-up machine in a synchronised manner.
  • Automatic rolling machine model Roll-Pack for rolling bundles of hides.

Operational functions


  • Measuring system consisting of infrared photo elements
  • High measurement accuracy class: X (05)

High-definition stamping:

  • The continuous stamping system allows the leather to be stamped precisely, individually and without staining problems


  • Print measurement data T1 (bunch), T2 (batch), T3 (daily) -T4
  • Printing of adhesive labels with barcode/QR code for warehouse management and traceability


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Interfacing with the company’s management system
  • Remote consultation of processing data

Accessories and related products

Automatic cardboard tube feeder:
Allows rolling up of skins even on cardboard tubes


  • High productivity
  • Reduced manual measuring and rolling time, resulting in labour savings
  • Improved roll quality compared to manual rolling of skins
  • 2 working modes:
    • Measuring and bundle formation
    • Measuring, bundling and rolling


Working width: 1600-1800 mm

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