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Efficient, accurate and fast measurement

The compact and modular STL 300 was designed by GER Elettronica to measure all types of skins with maximum efficiency, speed and accuracy thanks to its dual measuring mode: wheel spreader system and
fixed bar.

It is the measuring machine that comes in two parts for your needs; a practical and versatile machine that allows you to measure all types of finished skins with the highest precision.

Two methods of measurement:

Wheeled spreader measuring: ideal for soft and very soft leathers for clothing, upholstery, footwear, etc.

Measuring with a fixed bar: system suitable for rigid or semi-rigid leathers that do not require spreading. Ideal system also for measuring non-contact leathers (delicate articles, paint, etc.).

Operational Functions


  • Measuring system consisting of infrared photo elements
  • High measurement accuracy class: X (05)

High-definition stamping:

  • The continuous stamping system allows the leather to be stamped precisely, individually and without staining problems.


  • Print measurement data T1 (bunch), T2 (batch), T3 (daily) -T4.
  • Printing of adhesive labels with barcode/QR code for warehouse management and traceability.


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Interfacing with the company’s management system
  • Remote consultation of processing data

Online help:

  • It speeds up the learning of the machine’s functions and use, and allows the identification of causes and effects of any faults while minimising downtime.


  • xmis advanced software on windows platform
  • industrial pc ip65

Accessories and related produtcs

  • Bundle preparers
  • Rollers
  • Leather stackers
  • Barcode label printers
  • Barcode readers
  • External displays


  • Reduced maintenance
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge of skins.
  • Eco-friendly: low power consumption and sustainable construction using all RoHS-compliant electrical and electronic parts.
  • Easy to use thanks to the intuitive graphical interface and multilingual including Chinese and Russian characters.
  • Simplified navigation menu with easy button for direct access to menus and operating panels


STL 1600
3500 × 1860 × 1400

STL 2100
4000 × 2340 × 1400

STL 3200
5000 × 3460 × 1400

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