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The leather recognition system made by GER

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Our answer to the traceability issue


Be.Trace can be adapted to the different needs of clients in terms of “marking” methodology and recognition methodology. Above all, it can quickly convert tracing from one technology to another, maintaining continuity of the “product history”. The use of “machine learning” logic allows it to recognize even codes that are strongly deformed by the stresses induced to the leather by the process steps. This ensures that it can follow the leather through all the stages, necessary for its production.

The system can be easily connected to the management programs where the individual passages are recorded, and at the same time can be integrated into the I.Data software to see how the work phases have influenced not only the individual hides but also the full batch they belong to.

Ultimately, Be.Trace gives a single answer to the request for traceability, satisfying the basic requisites of ethical traceability, but easily making it possible, over time, to move to manufacturing traceability, which makes companies increasingly more perfect and competitive.

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