The extra gear for shoe, leather goods and upholstery manufacturers

Field of use:

Leather Goods

The importance of rechecking

Certa is GER’s incredibly compact, high-performance and precise electronic measuring machine, designed precisely to meet the need to perform surface quality measurements of hides in extremely small spaces with the latest technology.

The measuring system is roller-driven and allows the leather to be spread out during measurement for the exact detection of the surface of any type of leather, even very soft and thin ones.

The machine is also suitable for measuring thick rigid leathers such as leather. The reclining rear table allows use with one or two operators.

Operational Functions

Easy mode:

  • It ensures quick access to all key functions thanks to carefully positioned function keys and a simplified menu

Icon-based software:

  • Menu navigation, available in 8 languages, is simple and intuitive

Touch screen

Alphanumeric graphic printer

Label printer with barcode

Remote Assistance:

  • Remote support to be always upgradable via the internet and easily integrated with existing systems in your production line


  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Interface directly with the company’s management system

Accessories and related products

  • Barcode label printers
  • Barcode readers
  • Semi-automatic stamping machines


  • material control
  • greater security in production yield
  • certifiable according to European mid
  • greater savings
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