ACLE’s Twentieth Edition

The twentieth edition of All China Leather Exhibition, the leather exhibition that has taken place at the Expo Shanghai Center from 29th till 31st of August 2018, has just ended.

The impression we gave is the one of an event more and more characterized as a fair connected only to the Chinese territory. All China Leather Exhibition, the leather exhibition that took place at the International Expo Centre in Shanghai, gets to the end after three days during which we’ve clearly felt the worries of the Chinese tanning industry.

Of course, the operators of the Popular Republic aren’t out of reasons to be concerned, starting from the collapse of the production. But the CLIA, the main association referring to the entire leather-product supply chain of Beijing, don’t throw the towel and identify instead the business development opportunities for the immediate future. What are those opportunities? Some are internal, i.e. the demographic increase that awaits Beijing after the adoption of the two-son policy, which consequence will be the increase of the consumptions, and, more in general, the domestic market maturity, that will push national manufacturers to invest in quality, technology and brand identity.