Rollpack Rolling-Up Machine

Rollpack Rolling-Up Machine

ROLL PACK is an ultra-fast automatic rolling up and binding system

The rolling up machine for leathers provides for the bundle’s rolling up
and completes the roll binding it with extensible film.

The rolling up machine is equipped with a loading conveyor for the bundle’s preparing. The bundle is
than sent to the rolling up and binding mechanism by a proper foot-control level. It is used a particular
working system which permits the slipping among the leathers in order to avoid that folds could grown
on the internal leathers of the bundle during the rolling up phase. This system, that enables the slipping
among the leathers, associated to the selection of the machine’s working parameters, allows to roll up both
leathers which are tied up to each other and leathers which are very slipping among them. The binding and
preparing cycle of the roll is completed in about 17 seconds.

It has been proved that the machine is perfectly enabled to roll up leathers following from the measuring
machine, without reducing the measuring traditional rate.
In case of rolling up associated to the measurer, the strip of paper or the label can be applied to the roll by
the operator who takes the bundle out from the exit rollers table and lays it down on the storage and/or
shipping pallet.

MADE IN ITALY since 1975
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