Rollone Rolling-Up Machine

Rollone Rolling-Up Machine

ROLL ONE is a rolling up machine for single whole cow hides, independent or with surface measuring machine integrated.

ROLL ONE independent is equipped with a conveyor where the hides are placed by the operator and through which they are inserted in the rolling up unit for the automatic formation of the rolls.

ROLL ONE integrated with the measuring machine allows to effect in one single operation the measuring of the surface and the automatic rolling up of the hides.

The hides can be rolled up on themselves or on a cardboard tube. In this case the rolling up machine is equipped with an automatic cardboard tubes feeder. Through the keyboard, the operator decides to enable the rolling up operation with or without the tube.
In the exit of the rolling up machine it is possible to add a deposit conveyor for the rolls, permitting the operator who introduces the hides to box the rolls in the exit when the deposit conveyor is full.
In case of ROLL ONE integrated with measuring machine it is provided a labelling device, that prints the adhesive label containing the hide’s measurement data. The label is stuck up to the rolled up hide directly by the operator, who provides to deposit the roll in the packing carton.

MADE IN ITALY since 1975
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