KOMPACT is an automatic compact measuring and packing formation line.

Kompact expresses the best of GER’s philosophy, as in a space a bit more than 7 meters the first integrated line was prepared worldwide, which allows the measurement of the entire cattle dung leather or side leather and subsequently collects them in packs.
The machine improves production levels by means of a revolutionary working system, where the operator determines the production limit, setting the most appropriate rate based on the parameters that it
considers most important. The machine then calculates the maximum performance to improve the productive level.

Double conveyor swap version.
High productivity even with small size leathers, side leathers or croupon.
For high productivity, Kompact is also available with two swap conveyors for building up the side leathers or croupon after the measurements of the areas.
Thanks to the two-collection leather conveyor and the unloading of the leathers at the same time, the user can work continuously, without pausing thus ensuring high productivity, even with small size leathers. So many types of folds are possible so as to always provide a high-quality job.
Kompact can fold single or double leather packs.

Complete cattle dung leather:
• Single half folding
• 4-way fold with double folding
• Customized folding (Europallet) settings with the desired width

Side Leathers:
• Outstretched or overlapping

MADE IN ITALY since 1975
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