4.GER: Welcome to the data era!


What is every entrepreneur’s dream? To find an “instrument panel” with all the necessary indicators for showing what speed their company is working at and what the output is in real time, with alarm lights that show possible criticalities, a navigator that shows the road covered and what still needs to be followed to reach objectives. Today the technology that allows us to accomplish this dream exists: it is called business intelligence.
Our mission is to make it available to all tannery entrepreneurs. How? Through data collection and analysis. Our instruments have always “read the skins” along the whole tannery process. Not by sampling, but systematically and with certified procedures, permitting objective quality controls in real time and immediately signalling the criticalities.
Today we can give you something more. Those same data can be elaborated to give information about the process as a whole. We are talking about information that can be used to find the output of every single
phase, or production as a whole, and how those same outputs vary over time; to express assessments on the quality of a supplier; to direct production and maximise cost-effectiveness by identifying “bottlenecks”.
The aim is to support the decision-making process in order to maximise product value, improving result quality and process sustainability. All this is made possible by software that gives real time analyses of
all the data collected by our instruments positioned along the whole tannery process. It is a mountain of information that no human being could elaborate when amassed, but which the power of calculation algorithms can provide and render legible at a glance.
Welcome to the data era.


Mapping the thickness distribution over the whole surface of each hide makes it possible to control splitting
quality in real time and gives precise data for directing each batch so as to obtain maximum output.


The automated and continual collection of data such as choice, cut, thickness and weight does not just lead to
precise classification, perfect for enhancing groups of hides with similar characteristics, but also the quantification in real time of each batch output.


Mapping the thicknesses of each hides makes it possible to continually control the process quality and automatically adjust the splitter in real time, which maximises the value of the grains and reduces the production of waste at shaving.


Measuring the thicknesses after shaving is a key piece of data that is just as important as quality control in real time. Comparing the production costs and value gives a real time estimate of the overall output of the batch up to mapping, and makes it possible to certify the thickness.


Identifying each leather in a batch during the various processing phases and measuring the surface means that the times and output of each process can be quantified, identifying possible critical points and permitting process optimisation as a whole.


A spray finish is one of the most delicate processes and an important cost centre in the tanning process. Numerous variables have to be monitored to control its costeffectiveness,with immediate signalling if irregularities occur:
• no. of leathers and surfaces processed
• chemical product consumption
• energy consumption
• processing times
• gun operation management
• quality of the finishing product distribution, quality of the colours of each leather
• etc…


The final quality control involving measuring the surface characteristics, thickness, colour of each leather makes guaranteeing total respect of the requested standards, but also performance assessment processing, possible.


Automating the packing process, in addition to re-allocating human resources to processes with a higher additional value, also makes centralised and continual control of stock that is being dispatched and, in the warehouse, possible, in addition to process completion with the final phase, an important thing when presenting the finished product to your clients.

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