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August 1, 2016

MID Directive: Ger Machinery, the first to be Mid certified

It’s been years since GER Electtronica presented its innovative conveyor belt leather measuring machine, a ground-breaking machine that was able to cut costs and increase productivity for many businesses. It was 1978 and this technology changed the course of history. Today, more than three decades later, GER Elettronica still guides the sector and confirms its market leading position: Compliance with European Directive MID (Measuring Instruments Directive,) 2014/32/EU on measuring equipment.


Thanks to the synergy of various experiences, GER Elettronica has created new models of leather surface measuring machines that boast full compliance with MID directives and this conformity has been notified by the accredited body Kiwa Cermet Italy Spa. Well in advance of the 30 October 2016 deadline, when the new Directive comes into effect, GER Elettronica offers a range of high-quality solutions, ensuring efficiency and commercial transactions according to law throughout the European Union.


A substantial step forward that goes beyond the mere possession of a brand because it implies the adoption of a higher metrological level of protection, synonymous with safety and reliability in measurements. Not surprisingly, the Directive makes it unlawful to trade any equipment (new or second-hand) without compliance, where conformity is defined as the CE marking and supplementary metrology marking on the nameplate of the tool accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity to European Directive issued by the manufacturer or by the Notified Body. Conditions that GER Elettronica measuring machines respect to the full, thanks to a path that has affected many business processes, from the redesign of technological components to the development of new hardware and software, to the training of MID certified technicians. Yet some still claim that pinwheel measuring machines are the best. In this regard, Bruno Burato, founding partner of Ger Electronics, replies:


Our electronic measuring machines, that have undergone laboratory checks, ensure a precision that contemplates a maximum deviation of 0,5%. This is impossible to achieve with pinwheel machines that require a much more frequent periodic calibration that can only done by expert mechanics” .


In other words, the new GER Elettronica measuring machines which conform to MID European Directive need less maintenance and therefore allow a business to save money and have an exceptional standard of measurement with a maximum deviation of practically zero. Once again we reiterate the modern idea of ​​business based on continuous research and development of high performance for us and for our customers. Discover the full line of GER brand products!


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