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May 11, 2015

Italian footwear exports + 3.6%

iloveitalianshoesGood news for the Italian footwear exports, which saw close the last quarter of 2014 with an increase of 3.6% in value to the national export of footwear and components.

To disclose is Assocalzaturifici, outlining how to grow have been particularly districts of Tuscany and Veneto, while totaled about 3% downturns to Marche, Puglia and Lombardy, whose performances have been heavily influenced by braking the Community markets Independent States.
Veneto is still the leading region for exports, accounting for 27% of total Italian, followed by Tuscany, with 21.1%, and Marche, with 18.2%.
As many as 18% of the export value Marche 2014, despite the crisis, had as its target the area Eastern Europe and CIS.
Russia, in particular, is the first regional foreign market, with a share of 13.8%. The UE28 is undoubtedly the area of ​​reference for the Italian footwear, that also in 2014 we have designed a whole 52.4% of the export value national, peaking at around 70% in Puglia and Veneto.
The destinations outside the EU are, however, more and more strategic. In the last 15 years, in fact the share of markets outside the EU increased from 40.9% to 47.6% of total export value. Tuscany and Lombardy there ensures 60% of exports, in contrast are Campania and Puglia.



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