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March 13, 2015

The students of Solofra won the contest “Friends for Leather 2015”

As has become tradition, even during the last edition of Lineapelle, the italian students form the middle school of the tanning districts competed in the “Friends for Leather 2015” (Amici per la Pelle) contest.

The competition organized by UNIC, is now in its fourth edition, and has seen the unfolding of the closing ceremony at the Auditorium of Milan Fairgrounds, during the third day of the trade fair in Milan.

The staff of GER Elettronica was also there, and followed all the awards for you, starting with the opening speech of the CEO of UNIC – Salvatore Mercogliano – who spent wonderful words of encouragement for the youths, who represent the future of the tanning sector.

Also the other tanners involved talked about the future, they have been called on stage to encourage the younger generation not to abandon what is a centuries-old tradition, inviting the students to consider the tannery as a hobby, and not just a job, and reiterating that the Italian leather is the most beautiful and popular in the world.

The topic of this year’s competition was: “Pop Art Tan”, through the creation of works inspired by pop art using the leather products. Another subject with which the students could connect was that one relating to what inspires the EXPO 2015, namely “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. With these assumptions have taken shape the different works presented (exposed during all days of the fair), some really impressive (see photo gallery).

There was also time to laugh, thanks to the intervention of the Zelig comedian Maurizio Lastrico, which in addition to having staged a truly exhilarating show, involved the guys in some kind of game show. Asking questions related to the world of tanning, and then giving tickets for the EXPO 2015 to those who gave the correct answer.

The participation of middle school students from Arzignano, Solofra, Fucecchio, San Miniato and Castelfranco di Sotto, also saw the presence of the Arzignano technical upper school Galileo Galilei, who took part in the contest, but hors concours.

The works on display at the fair were voted by visitors, exhibitors and experts, who have finally decreed the victory of “Tree of Life”, realized by the students of Solofra.
The second and third place went respectively to the school Buonarroti San Miniato and that of Fucecchio, Montanelli Petrarca. A special mention went finally awarded to Castelfranco di Sotto, who was awarded the special prize creativity.

No doubt the tradition of “Friends for Leather” is an important experience not only for the involvement and commitment of the students, but also for their employment opportunities in the near future.


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