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December 15, 2014

The price of raw sheepskins is collapsing

Sherling handbagFor sheep farmers the historical moment is certainly not one of the most flourishing.
The market is in fact experiencing a period of decline in the cost of the raw material that is worrying exporters and slaughterers.

If until last year the price was around 95 dollars per dozen, today there is a collapse of nearly 50%, bringing the price below 50 dollars, and there are fears about a fall even greater.

The alarm was raised by a major Zealanders slaughterers and exporters, the Alliance Group, which showed that the tightening of environmental regulations in China (which saw the closure of several tanneries), has reduced the consumption of the Chinese and Russian markets, sparking the reaction internationally.

Carl Alsweiler, general manager of Alliance, commented on the situation saying: “Everything happened so quickly that the tanneries Korean, Italian, French, Turkish, Indian and Pakistani have not been able to work the huge flow of raw material. We have been able to deal with the crisis, but prices are still falling.”


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