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May 9, 2014

Workshop on machines tanning industry in Jakarta

ILF JAKARTA 2014On the occasion of the Fair ILF 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia, which ends tomorrow, on May 6 , the  ITA (Italian Trade Agency), in collaboration with Assomac (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for Footwear and Leather and Tanning Machinery), with the  Tanners Association of Indonesia (APKI) and the Association of Indonesian footwear (APRISINDO) organized a workshop to make the point on the situation of leather industry of Indonesia in the international arena.

Main topics of the workshop were the evolution and technological development applied in the tanning industry, in particular, there has been talk of Italian companies, whose technology has in fact supported and helped develop the market of leather and footwear industry in Eurasia.

The state of the art machine technology evolution for the tanning” was the subtitle of the event, the analysis of which was presented by Dr. Robert Vago, head of the department of technological ASSOMAC, on whose words then took off the debate that led to the closure of the workshop around 13:00.

Lots of participation and curiosity that has developed around the subject of tanning machines and technological development of it, as this is a key point to ensure the growth of the tanning companies around the world.


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