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August 19, 2013

Brazil: 2nd CICB Sustainability Forum

CICBThe 2nd CICB Sustainability Forum will be held on August 28th during the 13th Courovisão Show at the Fenac Exhibition Venue in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

This is an opportunity for companies to show that they are committed to the Green Economy in the leather industry.

CICB invites companies to sponsor this event, which will bring together a wide range of professionals, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, press and political authorities for a series of panels and debates concerning the directions of the Brazilian leather industry in the context of sustainability.
The meeting will bring together on stage all participants of previous panels for a series of debates. The subject relevant issues within the sustainability theme, that works as a global guidance for the leather sector.

Brazil is now one of the best examples regarding topics such as attention to health and the environment, in particular, initiatives to promote very advanced environmentally-friendly practices.

This is a strategic line adopted by Brazilian industries for their ascension in the global market and, without doubt, has contributed to the present positive figures.


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