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June 11, 2012

Tanning on the right side

Luca Bauce - Tannery Machines

Luca Bauce – Owner – Bauce Tri.Ma Srl, Tannery Machines

Bauce Tri.Ma presents Blue Extreme, new continuous sammying for drying leather.

Open the leather on the right side”, is the new slogan and result of Bauce Tri.Ma In via del Lavoro, in Trissino, in the province of Vicenza, a company that was founded in 1969 by Attilio and is now managed by Luca, Sabrina and Michela, his children. The company produces wet blue tannery machines and now presents the new Blue Extreme, a continuous sammying for drying leathers which is the result of two years work by their internal design office.
“We have implemented two new concepts – Luca Bauce explains – leathers have always been opened from the butt to the shoulder, this tannery machine means the direction can be changed: the leathers are introduced from the side”.
Passing the leather from side to side, where changing direction is the equivalent of a small devolution, in practical terms means a 5% increase of opening on each leather, with resulting improved drying quality. “This sammying machine – Bauce continued, who works in the commercial office and is busy at the moment with the customer presentations – has 6 wringing and drying points, which means the leathers are dried better and faster”. Before 20 meters of leather were dried in one minute, now 25 are dried, which means almost one extra leather per minute, 60 an hour and so on, which all means increased productivity and revenue. “This is a highly innovative technology – he continued, this new sammying machines is the result of constant discussion with our clients in Arzignano and Santa Croce, and of the tests and projects or our mechanical engineers”.
Pursuing the logic of continuous innovation, the company is winning in terms of production numbers, and decided to open its own internal research and development department, where 4 people currently work full time, together with a laboratory where all the new tannery machines are tested, and the leather processing technologies are refined, both for wet-blue and after dyeing phases, to enable them to develop new solutions and improve performance.
This means that the improved drying standard, ease of use, maintenance speed, reliable construction, motor strength and the design of the tannery machines are all conceived and produced to respond to the different types of products and characteristics required by the modern tanning industry.
The company has more than 40 years experience and 47 employees working in the two factories in Via del Lavoro and Via Arzignano in Trissino, and is highly specialised in wet-blue presses and sammying and set-out tannery machines: with the baptism of the latest arrival, the company confirms its certified position for technological development and increasingly higher performance.


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