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July 21, 2011

Tannery machines: Italian Industry still leader

During the crisis, which has also affected the world of leather, in 2010 the tannery machinery sector saw a strong recovery, more than +40% compared to 2009.

Especially exports have grown, getting again the levels of 2008 (+49.17%), with a positive trend on all international markets.
Good performance from the beginning of the year, with backlog till the end of June, but with signs of a probable slowdown. The latest data of exports, reported in March 2011, show a +34.2% for the tannery machines, +5.6% for footwear machines, +51.2% for leather goods machines and +22.8% for spare parts.

Among the main producers, Italy is the fist exporting Country with 50%, followed by China with a market share of 18%, Taiwan with 13%, South Korea 8%, Germany 5%, Spain 3%, Brazil 2% and Turkey 1%.
In the tannery machines Italy, has a market share of 70%.

Data source: Assomac

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